0.9.2 alpha 7 now available in Dropbox!

If you would like to get access to the Dropbox folder we use for distributing the Alpha versions, send email to “mpogue at zenstar studio dot com” (replace “at” with @ and “dot” with “.” and delete all the spaces) with your email address!

If you want something a little more stable than the alpha 7 version, scroll down to the download links for Beta 0.9.1 below.

Cool stuff in alpha 7 (compared to alpha 6):

  • “visual indicator only” option for patter and break timers
  • Hot key customization in Preferences
  • Hot keys added to allow remote Bluetooth control of music (using Karabiner-Elements on Mac OS X)
  • User-selectable “flash call” timing
  • Easily backup your entire Music Directory to a flash drive, along with the app (Mac OS X only)
  • Tag filtering: “-” for exclusion, “#” to limit search term to tags only
  • A couple new sound FX (“short bell” and “ding ding”)
  • Sound FX are now played as you choose them in the menu (so you can hear what you’re choosing)
  • Undo (Cmd-Z) and Redo (Cmd-Shift-Z) in SD
  • Export Song Play History option, to help with copyright compliance (e.g. in Germany)
  • Lots of minor bug fixes