New version available! V0.9.1 for Mac and Windows

There’s a new Beta version available for download!  

We’ve got a bunch of new features for you:

  • New Dance Programs tab
  • Improved fuzzy singing call name matching (no “marrying” needed)
  • Download matching cuesheets from the cloud automatically
  • Improved Built-in Lyrics Editor
  • New keyboard shortcuts: Fade, Toggle to Lyrics
  • User assignable keyboard shortcuts
  • M4A music now supported
  • New “Recent” column, for songs you’ve recently played
  • Support for CSV/TSV song import/export
  • Reference tab for PDF, TXT, and HTML content (works with Taminations!)
  • Per-song Mix and EQ
  • Revamped SD interface (you can double click through many sequences now)
  • Improved auto-scrolling of lyrics
  • Auto-detect of new songs and cue sheets in your Music Directory
  • Millisecond-level Loop control for Patter
  • Improved load time for songs
  • and more…

This is still a Beta release, so it’s likely to have bugs, and some of the features are incomplete.  If you find any bugs, please let us know!


Download the SquareDesk manual V0.9.0 (PDF, 431KB)

Download the SD Sequence Designer manual V38.89 (PDF, 555KB)


Download SquareDesk V0.9.1 for Mac OS X (.dmg, 66.2MB)

Mac OS X users:  I have not paid Apple for a Developer Certificate, so when you try to run the application itself, you might get a warning dialog.  Here’s how to open the application anyway.  You’ll only need to do this once.

Download SquareDesk 0.9.1 for Windows (.exe installer, 47.4MB)

Windows users:  I have not paid Microsoft for a Developer Certificate, so when you try to run the installer you might get a warning: “SquareDeskPlayer… is not commonly downloaded, and could harm your computer”. You can just click “Run” here to go on.  If you get a second warning “Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. This might put your PC at risk.”, you can click “Run Anyway”, then it should run the SquareDeskPlayer installer correctly.

Sample Music (with bonus demo songs from Riverboat Records):

Download a sample Music Directory with demo songs (.zip, 32.6MB)

Help us improve SquareDesk:

List of known bugs and feature requests in V0.9.1 (GitHub)

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